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The handle is a typical medium-sized tree, 10-30 m tall. The trunk is more or less straight, cylindrical and 75-100 cm in diameter and the crown is dense and widely globular or oval.

Tommy Atkins variety is characterized by producing a large fruit with a weight ranging from 150 g to 2 kg. Its shape also varies, but is generally ovoid-oblong, markedly flattened, rounded or obtuse at both ends of 4-25 cm. long and 1.5 to 10 cm. thick. The color can range from green, yellow and different shades of pink, red and violet. The ripe flesh is firm texture due to the abundance of fine fiber. The seed is small and represents 8% of the fruit.


Apparently it is native to northwestern India and northern Burma in the Himalayan foothills and possibly Ceylon. Mangifera genus includes about 50 species native to Southeast Asia and the surrounding islands

Varieties and ecotypes
According to origin, varieties meet in four groups

The mango tree is not affected by soil type; however, poorly drained soils do not grow enough or fruiting. You can live well in different kinds of soil, provided they are deep and with good drainage, major factor. In areas in which a rational fertilization depth is not as necessary it is performed; however, they should not be planted in soils with less than 80-100 cm deep. Light soils where roots can penetrate the great and fixed the field are recommended in general. The pH is around 5.5 - 5.7; having a limo-sandy soil or clay-sandy texture. An analysis of a ground where mangos thrive very well gave the following result: lime (CaO) 1.2% magnesium (MgO) 1.18%, potash (K2O) 2.73% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 0, 15%, nitrogen 0.105%. Ttē


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