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Descripción: Oil extraction plant Soloma offers sunflower unrefined oil of I sort by wholesale for export. Only the best raw material is used in oil manufacture. Manufacturing process is always under constant laboratory control which allows to keep product quality on a higher level.

Entering into cooperation with us you can count on flexible pricing pattern and personal approach in contractual relationship formation. Product supplies are carried out according to INCOTERMS 2014. Pick-up and assistance in raw material delivery organization are possible.

We also have the following types of oils:

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Trade Wings International is a Young and well established company created in 2013 Being it’s principal job finding commodities market such as Fruits, Crude Oil, Vegetable Oils, and edible oils, wine, Wood, Honey, and Sugar ICUMSA 45 Brazil Origin.

Our job consists not only to find products in the market but also to acomplish sales between buyer and seller as well, we count with various suppliers for desire product that our Customer is looking for, as we are seller/buyer mandates which gives us enough strenght in order to negotiate and obtain business and satisfy both parts.

We also have a team of Young experts with long experience in trading field which help us to have enought trust in order to assist our customers in their needs.


Our main mission is to have the ability to find the product desire by our Customer with low and convenient Price and payment terms, we count with technological solutions for the product that our Customer looks for.

Also our aim is to enter into markets and obtain desire results by our customers. Our satisfaction is to know that the Customer have reached it’s goal with the product sales and look into new and future projects.


Get into the commodity market world by giving proper and speedy service for our customers..

Our priority is to satisfy our customers and for this reason they covered the center of our business. In order to reach our goals we offer an excellent attention and also provide solutions and answers to their questions.

To open new markets and develop new markets and routes in commodities for our Customer needs.


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